Our new 100% Pure Combed Cotton Cable Knit Sweaters are made with a great cable knit pattern, thick collars, and thick ribbed hems. The sweaters are great for those cold winter nights or those chilly fall days. With 6 great solid colors.  Best Seller

  • GREAT for dogs with skin issues or allergies to synthetic fabrics.  Super Soft !! Very High Quality.

"All woven and knit fabric's are custom designed and made specifically for Doggie Design's unique one of kind Pet Products."

What is Combed Cotton? Combed cotton is a kind of cotton that has been combed to make the yarn stronger and softer. The combing process also rids the batch of shorter fibers and impurities, which results in a finer, stronger and more compact cotton. Combed cotton is considered higher-quality and softer than cotton that hasn't been combed.

100% Pure Combed Cotton Dog Sweater SOLID COLOR CABLE KNIT

  • Size Length Estimated Weight
    XXS 6" 3-5 LBS
    XS 8" 5-10 LBS
    S 10" 10-15 LBS
    M 12" 15-25 LBS
    L 14" 25-40 LBS
    XL 18" 40-50 LBS
    XXL 22" 50-60 LBS
    XXXL 24" 60-80 LBS


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