Private Walks and Drop-Ins

Does your pet need more personalized attention? We have a lot of options to choose from! We provide private walks and drop-ins in sessions of 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. These services are completely customizable. If you want your pup to get a good walk in, we love to get as much walking time in as possible! If you prefer your buddy stay at home and play fetch in the yard, that's one of our favorite games and we can do that too! At our meet and greet, we will go over your dog's walking and playing styles and choose the service that's right for you! We also provide an economical potty break service for when your best friend really doesn't need a walk or extra exercise, and just needs to go to the bathroom. We also provide discounts for booking multiple days in the same week!



Individual Private Walks/Drop-Ins

Potty Break - $12

20 Minute Service - $17

30 Minute Service - $22

60 Minute Service - $32

Additional Dog/ Additional Litter Box - $3

We offer a 10% DISCOUNT on ALL services scheduled between 10AM and 3PM when you live in a participating neighborhood or community. Ask us about it!

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