Meet the Pack


Kristen Woznick

Pack Leader

"I officially founded Lefty's in March of 2019. Named after my dog, Lefty, I want the business to provide the same level of care for our clients pets, as I would want and expect for my own. I have been an animal lover my entire life, and taking care of animals for almost as long! I grew up in rural NE Georgia and as a kid animals were my everything. I cared for our dogs, cats, rodents, birds, horses, a goat and a chicken that I took home in a laundry basket after it fell off of a factory truck. From the age of 10, I was walking neighbor's dogs. I also took a particular interest in helping find lost pets, as well as helping foster pets find new homes.As an adult my passion only grew. After I adopted Lefty, I realized I wanted nothing more than to care for pets for a living. I volunteered in shelters and rescue as a transport coordinator, before deciding to start Lefty's and provide pet care full-time.I have always had a special place in my heart for pets with behavior issues or special needs and I love working with these pets and earning their trust. I continue to further my knowledge, and I have completed certification courses in pet care, pet psychology, as well as working with reactive and aggressive dogs, I hope to learn more about dog training and continue to connect with more pet care professionals as well. In the future, I hope to start my own rescue, focusing on the care and rehabilitation of pets with special needs and behavior issues. Within the next few months I hope to foster "fospice" dogs, those that are very old or with serious illnesses. In between working, I hang out with my pets and am a total introvert. I also enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and I just became obsessed with Jazzercise, haha. I am so happy and so excited to be caring for the pets of Atlanta!


Beam Shuttlesworth

Keeper of Treats

“I have always been an animal lover from the day I was born. I was the kid that would bring home baby birds that fell out of their nest. My parents made me stop when I started bringing home snakes. I’ve always thought all animals deserve to be loved but I guess my parents were right to tell me that copperheads are not always friends. Growing up I had a few pets. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and a rabbit. As an adult I made it my mission to adopt special needs and less adoptable cats. My best bud Dimitri has feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He is awesome, he just falls down a lot. Since joining Lefty’s in the beginning of 2020, I was blessed with having my passion for animals become my career. I love meeting all of the fur babies and becoming friends with each one. I find it fun and fascinating to learn their personalities. Moving forward, I want to continue to educate myself in everything pet life. I hope to be able to teach people about proper pet care and I would also like to help potential new pet owners match with the right pet for their lifestyle.”



Brand Management Consultant

Lefty is a sweet and affectionate rescue dog, adopted from Fulton County Animal Services. She is highly skilled at manipulating humans for attention and treats. Even though her face is in the logo, she remains humble. Lefty is working on her leash reactivity, and she prefers the indoor hermit life rather than a night out on the town. Her favorite things include, rolling in the grass, cuddling with Neto and her humans, soft beds, dental treats, and the song, "I Like Socks" by Psychostick.


Customer Relations

Neto is a young, energetic boy, eager to get out and get to work! Neto enjoys the company of other dogs and really has a way with words. He is a helper dog, assisting with group pack walks with client pets.When he isn't walking, he is playing fetch and pretending he doesn't weigh 70 lbs. Neto loves toys and learning new things. He knows how to go find certain things you ask him to look for, can spin, jump, crawl, and retrieve water bottles when asked, and more!



Administrative Assistant

Calli is sophisticated and experienced. She spends her days overseeing operations and has a reputation for laying on things when they are most needed. She has developed her very own system for taking inventory and filing, which involves knocking things over and onto the floor. I didn't understand it at first, but you should never question genius. Some of Calli's favorite things include using humans as furniture, cuddling, and partaking in the occasional quality catnip.



Head of Human Resources

Dimitri is goofy and independent. As Head of HR, Dimitri is particularly skilled in working with others and utilizes many forms of communication. Typically hiding in his office, Dimitri enjoys a work day nap and will absolutely let you know when it is lunch time. His favorite things include, head butts, belly rubs, and those little springy door stoppers. He has quit the catnip during business hours and promises that thing that happened last time will never happen again. 

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The youngest and newest member of the team, Hugo is learning the ropes. He is a bit particular about the temperature in the office and prefers to keep his space 85 degrees and over. Hugo enjoys hunting roaches, taking a dip in his personal pool, and basking in warm light.