Doggie Field Trips

They Aren't Just for Humans Anymore!

Will your pup be flying in a plane? No, almost certainly not. The picture was taken on a rescue relay transport I coordinated. But, Doggie Field Trips can be just as adventurous! Doggie Field Trips  are offered twice weekly on Wedensday Vacay and Friday Field Trip days. Does your dog not get out much? Well that's no fun! Getting out and experiencing new sights, smells, and adventures helps your dog to stay socialized and well balanced. Just like we humans need a break from our everyday routines and lives on occasion, so does your pup! Going out with your dog is more for more than just a potty break. Getting out provides exercise, mental stimulation, and the opportunity to socialize (even seeing new things is socialization) Like a child, your dog wants to know and explore the world. Getting out helps dogs build doggie confidence. It also helps keep them from getting bored, boredome can lead to disasterous doggie no-nos. Dogs enjoy company, so Doggie Field Trips are the perfect opportunity for them to get out, get some exercise, make new friends, and have new experiences!

Doggie Field Trips are Scheduled Every Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am. Pick-Up May Begin Early. 


Wednesday Vacay - $30

Friday Field Trip - $30

Additional Dog - $10

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