Kitty Enrichment Visits

Does your cat need additional enrichment in its' life? When cats lack enrichment, they may become bored, stressed, act out, have litterbox issues, scratch inappropriately, and be generally less happy. We get to know your cat and what they like, and provide enrichment that may not fit in with your daily schedule. Enrichment may include, playing, socializing, grooming, games, attention, and more!


30 minute visit - $25

60 Minute Visit - $35


Pet Taxi 



Does your bestie need to be accompanied to the groomer? Does Fido need a ride home from the vet? Starting at a $20 flat rate. Carriers are always secured and dog's riding outside of a carrier must wear a harness to accommodate for safety restraints.


30 Minute Trip/First 5 Miles - $20 + Mileage

Distance is calculated from departure to final destination.


Additional Mileage - $0.50/Mile

30 Minute Accompaniment - $25

If you need a Pet Care Specialist to stay with your pet during an appointment up to 30 minutes in length. 

Additional 20 Minutes Accompaniment - $10


Yard Waste

Pick Up

Add on to any other service. Let us do the dirty work. We will pick up any pet waste in the yard and dispose of it off-site, leaving you with a clean yard and poo free trash bin. Since this is an add on to a walk or pet sitting, we can provide this service for a low rate. Rates are based off of additional time needed to pick up your yard.


10 Minute Yard Pick Up - $7

20 Minute Yard Pick Up - $12

30 Minute Yard Pick Up - $17

40 + Minute Yard Pick Up - TBD

White Cat

Litter Box

Deep Clean

When's the last time you deep cleaned your litter box? It's recommended that your litter box be cleaned once a week. Let us do the dirty work. We will dump the current litter, wash the entire box, deodorize, and replace with your fresh litter. Cleaning your cat's litter box ensures kitty continues to use their box and stays happy and healthy.


Scooping - Add On to Enrichment Visit - $5/Box

Deep Clean - $20/Box


Leash Walking 


Does your pup pull while walking on leash? Leash Walking 101 is for you! We will teach your dog to walk politely on a loose leash and share with you their loose leash training plan so that you can keep things consistent. Training must always be consistent for dogs, so if you're willing to commit, let's get started!


30 Minute Sessions 2x/week - $70

30 Minute Sessions 3x/week - $100

60 Minute Sessions 2x/week - $90

60 Minute Sessions 3x/week - $130


Errands and

Pet Supply Delivery

Forgot to pick up your best friend's food from the store on the way home? No problem, we can swing by for you and grab whatever you need. Just order online from a nearby pet store and we will deliver it to you for a low flat rate. Have some other errands? Maybe the cleaner is coming by and someone needs to be home, we can help with that too.


Pet Supply Delivery - $10

30 Minute Errand - $20

60 Minute Errand - $35