About Lefty's

Built from a Lifelong Love of Animals

Lefty's was officially established in March of 2019 by Kristen Woznick. Kristen grew up in a small, rural town in northeast Georgia. Growing up, Kristen always surrounded herself with animals.  She grew up with cats and Labrador Retrievers in her home. Her family also cared for horses, and she learned to ride and care for them from an early age. Kristen was in 4-H where she was given the opportunity to raise goats. She once saved a chicken that had fallen off of a factory truck, took her home, and cared for her, giving her a new forever home. She was known in her neighborhood for being an avid dog lover and walked neighbor's dogs from the age of 11.She helped nurse a dog that had been shot back to health and then found him his forever home. All before the age of 13. Her family joked that it was an out of the ordinary day when she didn't bring an animal home.

As an adult, Kristen's love of caring for animals has only grown. Before beginning Lefty's, Kristen volunteered in rescue, helping animals in need of transport. She coordinated trips as large as 2,000 miles, cross country, to send animals to rescue or their new forever homes. Kristen has also fostered for a few different organizations, including LifeLine here in Atlanta. She has a particular soft spot in her heart for pit bull type dogs, and she has bottle fed and raised neonatal, orphaned kittens.

Now, Kristen is mom to her oldest child, a calico cat named Calli, her rescue pit bull Lefty, and her foster fail Amstaff Ernesto "Neto". Together, they live with her partner Beam and his kitty Dimitri.

In the future, Kristen hopes to grow her business and open her own rescue. She is particularly passionate about saving dogs and cats with special needs and behavioral issues. She hopes to expand her knowledge to dog training, and hopes to use this to rehabilitate dogs with major behavior problems. She hopes to fill her business with other passionate animal lovers who share her same dedication to caring for the animals of Atlanta and beyond!


Meet Lefty

Meet the dog behind the name! Lefty is a 7 year old rescue. She was adopted by Kristen 4 years ago. Lefty was found as a stray and taken to Fulton County Animal Services.  When Lefty and Kristen met for the first time, it was love at first sight! Lefty was able to come home with her new mom two weeks later, after her leg amputation surgery. She recovered from her surgery well and went through the harrowing process of heart worm treatment. She was strong and resilient and this inspired Kristen. Lefty is currently working on building confidence and is also working on her leash reactivity. She has inspired her mom time and time again to never give up and to work hard. She has also ignited a passion in her mom to learn more about animal behavior and training, in hopes of one day working with other dogs like Lefty that have special needs and behavioral issues. Some of Lefty's favorite things include, cuddling on the couch with her mom, going for walks, wearing cute outfits and clothes, playing with her fur siblings, barking out the window, and giving the best hugs!


Meet Neto


Ernesto "Neto" is a fun loving boy that came into Kristen's home as a foster in late 2018. Ernesto quickly became a beloved member of the pack! He is about 3 years old. He's known for his goofball nature and love of everyone he meets! Neto is an official "foster fail" and is hoping to become a working helper dog for his mom's business. After he passes his obedience courses, he will be accompanying Kristen to meet and greets for potential pack walk candidates! He aspires to pass his Canine Good Citizen exam one day! Neto's favorite things include, fetch, playing at the park, cuddling on the couch with Lefty, water bottles, and anything active!

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