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With Lefty's Local Pawesome Pet Care, you can be certain your furry family members will be well taken care of! We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that you and your pets are individuals and should be treated that way! Whether your furry friend needs a drop-in visit for a game of fetch at the park, a walk with a mid-day meal, or a sleepover buddy while you're out of town, we strive to provide the care you expect, the way YOU want it.


Private Walks, Drop Ins, & Potty Breaks

Big or small, we will walk them all! We are experienced in walking with all different breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments. Knowledgeable and comfortable with several different training techniques, tools, collars, and harnesses. We always come prepared to ensure your pet stays safe and has lots of fun! We even offer a short 10 minute potty break option!

In-Home Pet Sitting

Going out of town? 
With our overnight in-home pet sitting service, you can rest assured your furry family members will be well taken care of! We also offer pet sitting without overnight service and cat sitting. Your pets will enjoy their own routine at their own home. This means less stress for them which means less worry for you!


Group Pack Walks & Hikes

Group Pack Walks and Hikes provide much needed physical activity, mental stimulation, and socialization. Dogs need all of these things to remain happy, healthy, and well balanced. Sure, your dog may be getting a walk, but are they getting the quality of walk that they need and deserve?

Welcome to Lefty's Local Pawesome Pet Care!

Working? Going out of town? Just tired? Let us help! Lefty's Local Pawesome Pet Care is dedicated to providing you and your pets with an outstanding experience. Lefty's is a locally owned small pet care business, fueled by a lifelong passion for animals. We are insured, certified in Pet Tech CPR and First Aid, experienced, flexible, and friendly! We provide private dog walking, short potty breaks, and overnight in-home pet sitting. Leash Manners and Group Pack Walks are coming soon! We are looking forward to meeting you!

"Kirby and I love, love, love Miss Kristen! I work mostly in the afternoon and evening, so Kirby gets a walk and then dinner. Kristen sends fantastic pictures of him (I need to figure out how she gets him to pose, because he won’t for me) and detailed reports after each walk. Her reports have become famous at my work and I have coworkers that will ask me if Kirby has had his walk yet. She has also taken a very exuberant teenage puppy and greatly improved his leash manners. When I come home, Kirby is tired and fed. (Tired pupper = happy pupper AND happy dog mom.) I was at home once when she came to walk him, and he literally leaped for joy three feet in the air when he heard her car. We are so lucky to have her!"

Helen S.


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