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Lefty's mission is to provide high-quality, personalized care for Atlanta's pets. We want to be your all in one stop for pet care needs. Dog walking, In-Home Pet Sitting, Pack Walks, and more! If we ever can not provide a service, we are still more than happy to recommend someone who does! We are dedicated to provide high quality care and enrichment. Passionate about promoting pet care knowledge. Here to support Atlanta's amazing community of pet owners and lovers. 

- Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

- Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid

- Pet Sitters International Member

- Consistent Sitters and Walkers

- Online and In-App Booking

-GPS Tracking



Whether it's a short potty break in the yard, reliable daily dog walks, or in your home pet sitting, we have a service for you and your pets! These services provide one on one time with your pets and are customized to fit your pet's individual needs. Companionship, physical exercise, the opportunity to potty,  mental stimulation, and daily socialization are all vital to your pet's whole wellness. We are excited to provide whatever it is your pet needs.

- Dog Walking

- Special Prices for Weekly Walks

- In-Home Pet Sitting

- Overnight and 24 Hour Available

- Pack Walks

- Pet Taxi

- Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Birds, and Rodents

Covid-19 policies and procedures

Have completed PSI's COVID-19 Certification for Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers. Our clients' safety is our top priority. We have policies and procedures in place to keep you and your pets safe. 

- Virtual Meet and Greets Available through Zoom

- We Use Our Own Equipment and Supplies

-Masks Worn in Client Homes

- Disinfect Surfaces Touched with Pet Friendly Wipes

- Social Distancing Policy


"Kirby and I love, love, love Miss Kristen! I work mostly in the afternoon and evening, so Kirby gets a walk and then dinner. Kristen sends fantastic pictures of him (I need to figure out how she gets him to pose, because he won’t for me) and detailed reports after each walk. Her reports have become famous at my work and I have coworkers that will ask me if Kirby has had his walk yet. She has also taken a very exuberant teenage puppy and greatly improved his leash manners. When I come home, Kirby is tired and fed. (Tired pupper = happy pupper AND happy dog mom.) I was at home once when she came to walk him, and he literally leaped for joy three feet in the air when he heard her car. We are so lucky to have her!"

Helen S.


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